Archit Sharma

" a quest for the answer to our existence, I'd rather be an inter-galactic hitchhiker."

[slow claps from the audience] arcolife, While receiving Nobel Prize for BS in 2050

What have I been upto?


  • Performance Engineer @ Red Hat India Pvt. Ltd (Bangalore)


  • Associate Performance Engineer @ Red Hat India Pvt. Ltd (Bangalore)
  • Think Tank member @ Spaceseeed
  • Contributing Developer @ SciStarter #OpenData #CitizenScience
  • Collaborator @ HackerEcology #upcoming #initiative
  • Software Developer Intern, TakeZero, TLABS, Noida (India)
  • Summer Student, CERN OpenLab, CERN Labs, Geneva (Switzerland)
  • Software Engineering Intern, Red Hat Software Services, Pune (India)

What do I do?
Primary expertise: Software Development & Performance engineering.
Secondary skills: Web Development, Data Analysis & Visualization, & Developer Operations Engineering


  • Currently one of the team leads for Red Hat product - Cloudforms performance engineering, handling horizontal and vertical scaling across various cloud provider integrations - RHV, OpenShift and vSphere. Also running build to build analysis for multiple workload scenarios, longevity tests for edge cases, UI performance optimizations and handling priority customer performance issues in close coordination with Cloudforms engineering team.
  • Recently, member of the team responsible for giving recommendations around the Red Hat product - Satellite’s performance, at scale and co-authored a perf brief on Satellite 6.2.
  • I also cover data processing, middlewares, shell scripting, containerization, ETL, and visualizations, to pinpoint issues, using data from telemetry, configurations and logs.

Archit Sharma is a Performance Engineer (R&D) as well as a Software Developer who works at Red Hat and is leading a team that covers scalability of Cloudforms (ManageIQ) with Openshift/Openstack/vSphere, infrastructure automation/planning, knowledge-base driven product configuration recommendations, predictive modeling/analysis over performance data. All in all, he loves to derive insights from data generated by monitoring pipelines [Telemetry, Logs, Configs]. He has contributions to various open source projects, including Grafana, sos-report, scikit-learn (trying!) and has developed a couple of his own, like Sarjitsu (for analyzing SAR data) and Perf Script Postprocessor (for KVM BlockIO events' latency analysis). His current contributions to github/redhat-performance/cfme-performance include workloads, middlewares and ansible scripts for infrastructure orchestration around ManageIQ. He has also contributed to Red Hat's in-house projects like Pbench, satellite-performance, SA tools, Multi-VM/Client MariaDB benchmarking with sysbench for different Async I/O modes, and so on.. (github/redhat-performance and github/distributed-system-analysis). Archit has presented/participated at various conferences like DevConf'16 (Czech Republic), Red Hat Summit'15 (Boston), PyCon and KDD CoDS - ACM. Until recently, he was also a hackathon junkie and has attended Docker Global Hackathon [Bangalore, state winner x 2], CERN Webfest [first in Data Visualization], DoraHacks [China - remote, runner up] and Devsprint [India, PyCon'15]. He was also a summer student at CERN OpenLab (Geneva) and has co-organized several Python, Linux, DevOps and Docker local meetups.

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Work Experience (upto August'15) | Courtesy:

# Organization Projects / Efforts
1 Red Hat Distributed System Analysis:
  • Pbench
  • Sarjitsu
  • Perf script postprocessor
  • BlockIO event Latency Analysis
  • Elasticsearch-Graphite Shim
  • KVM IO event latency analysis
  • MultiVM & MultiClient MySQL benchmarking with sysbench for different AIO modes
  • Satperf
2 Grafana Grafana addons:
  • Nested docs with Elasticsearch as a data source
  • Timeshift discussion with Meta Queries
  • Templates fixes
3 Sosreport Collectd sos plugin
4 Ansible Bug reports
5 Scikit-learn Docstrings
6 Python wikipedia wrapper Packaging fixes
7 Fedora Project Mininet's packaging

Batch: 2010-14
Bachelors, Computer Science & Engineering, Amity University, India.

While in college, I have mostly coordinated events & activities for Artificial Intelligence Club (AI club) and Linux Club (ALiAS).

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Let's meet up!

  • Guitarist by evening; Scholar by night; Socrates by dawn.
  • Blogging about life, philosophy, social issues, technology and all kinds of introspective/retrospective rubbish. (checkout 'Blogs and Social' tab).
  • Long bike/bicycle rides and impromptu hiking trips.
  • Running, Football, Badminton, Chess, Carrom, FIFA, Fuseball and Table Tennis.

Social Networks / Online Presence

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1 Mobile [INDIA] +91 99 86 374931
2 Email archit [DOT] py [AT] gmail [DOT] com
3 Freenode IRC @arcolife / @archit
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